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I am a Franciscan priest. I spent my early years of ministry in New Mexico working among the Pueblo Native Americans and the Hispanics. In 1978 I began my years in academics working as a chaplain, faculty member, and administrator at various universities in the southwest and the midwest. I taught various course in theology, especially in my area of specialty which is moral theology. I have been the Vocation Director for the Province of Saint John the Baptist since 2003.
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New from Brother Colin: Jamaican Reunion



As mentioned in a previous entry, Br. Richard and I took some students from the University of IllinBlogcolin070813picois at Chicago to our missions in Western Jamaica. Part of this trip was sharing our foundational charism of fraternity with the students. For us Franciscans, it is our fraternity which propels us into ministry and mission to people who are on the margins of society. On the same note, experiences in mission and ministry can strengthen our fraternity. This has been true for the students who went to Jamaica.

After returning to Chicago, we continued to reflect on our experiences. Since we returned to busy student schedules we did some of these reflections online. But we have also been able to have a couple of reunions, gathering at a house, cooking/eating Jamaican food and talking. One of these took place at the friary where I lived. Unfortunately not everyone was able to make the dinner, but we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless. We made curried goat, rice and peas, fried plantain and drank J&D’s authentic ginger beer, Ting, Soursop juice as well as a juice cocktail with mango and ginger.

During dinner we shared different memories about our trip to Jamaica, how we have been since December, updates about people and families we met, how our end of the school year schedules are busy, and what our plans are for next year. After dinner we went to a park on Lake Michigan and had a bonfire to continue the conversations.

Experiences like this are a great gift for me. I have had the opportunity to meet many wonderful people since entering the Franciscans. And as I have moved from different assignments it is always nice to have a chance to catch up with the people who have been so special in my life.


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