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I am a Franciscan priest. I spent my early years of ministry in New Mexico working among the Pueblo Native Americans and the Hispanics. In 1978 I began my years in academics working as a chaplain, faculty member, and administrator at various universities in the southwest and the midwest. I taught various course in theology, especially in my area of specialty which is moral theology. I have been the Vocation Director for the Province of Saint John the Baptist since 2003.
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Adam Farkas comments

Adam Farkas, a prospective, comments on Eric Seguin's acceptance into the Postulancy Program:

Congratulations on your approval into entering the Order God Bless and God Speed and may the Lord Bless You in all that you do now and continue to do in the Future!

(If all goes well, and the Lord approves, Eric and Adam will be classmates this July.)

Fr. Jeff comments and send messages

Having view the two new videos on this blog, Fr. Jeff, our Provincial Minister, comments on them and sends a couple of messages to our men in formation:

Great video, Fr. Don, and great meeting, guys. I enjoyed being with [you] and dreaming about the future.

I enjoyed listening to your reflections, Michael. Thanks for sharing them so honestly. May the rest of your novitiate be blessed!

Paxman comments
Commenting on the fact that we have men meeting with the Admissions Board and seeking admission to our Order, paxman wrote:

Fine men today wanting to embark on Francis' journey - as counter-cultural now as it was in his time - are signs that Hope continues indeed to be with us... from one generation to another.

Two New Videos

Thanks to the snow storms in Cincinnati and the juxtaposition of a couple of events, I was able to spend the last couple of days editing videos and posting them on YouTube. One is an interview with Michael Charron, O.F.M., one of our novices. It is very interesting for its insights into the formation process. The second covers the gathering this past weekend of all of our men in Initial Formation.

I hope you enjoy both.




Men in Initial Formation Meet"

DSCF0801Annually our young men in Initial Formation meet for a weekend of fraternity and support--without their Directors. Often, it gives those in Temporary Vows a chance to meet the new Postulants and vice versa. It also gives each group a chance to take courage in those ahead and behind them. They're not in this alone; there is a young community.

This year the guys met at St. Anthony Friary in Cincinnati. Friday evening they met with Frs. Jeffrey Scheeler, O.F.M. and Frank Jasper, O.F.M., Provincial Minister and Vicar. The Vicar, Fr. Frank, is also the Secretary for Formation overseeing the entire Initial Formation Process and Programs. Saturday they met among themselves and for discussion and recreation. Sunday morning they met for Morning Prayer and Mass before returning to their home friaries. 

In the photo (l to r) Tim Tran, O.F.M.; Daniel Helfrich, O.F.M.; Adam Calder; Joshua van Cleef, O.F.M.; Richard Goodin, O.F.M.; Roger Lopez, O.F.M. Clifford Hennings, O.F.M.; Michael Charron, O.F.M.; Colin King; Andrew Farwick; and Kevin Janke, O.F.M.

Friars Tim, Daniel, Joshua, Roger, and Clifford are in their first year of Temporary Vows; Friar Richard is in his second year of Temporary Vows; Friars Michael and Kevin are Novices; and Adam, Colin, and Andrew are Postulants. The six Friars in vows reside in Chicago where they are pursuing studies while engaged in Formation. The Novices reside in Cedar Lake, IN at the interprovincial novitiate. The Postulants are at St. Anthony Friary in Cincinnati.

Video from "Cast Your Nets"

Here is a brief video from the Cast Your Nets evening:



Fr. Jeff comments

Fr. Jeff, our Provincial Minister, comments:

Fr. Don, Thanks for all the work you do in helping these men discern the Lord's call in their lives! Let's continue to "cast our nets" !!!

"Cast Your Nets"

DSCF0797 DSCF0794Yesterday evening, January 31, the Archdiocese of Cincinnati held a Cast Your Netsvocational evening at Good Shepherd Catholic Church on the far north side of town. They hold these evenings periodically around the archdiocese and invite local clergy and Religious to set up booths to disseminate information to the teens. I went with two of our Postulants and set up a table (seen on the right). The Poor Clares from here in Cincinnati also participated.

Pictures on the upper left are Andrew Farwick and Adam Calder, two of our three Postulants along with Poor Clare Sisters Ann Marie, Pia (facing away) and Kelly, a Postulant for the Clares.

These kinds of events don't produce immediate responses, but they do give young people a chance to see and meet Religious and to pick up some information about our way of life.

With any luck I should have a little video of the event up on YouTube in the next day or so.