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Bengals game and tribute to Kennedy

Last night the three Postulants and I went to a preseason game in which the Cincinnati Bengals played the St. Louis Rams. We won't talk about the quality of play or the final score. :-) One of the Postulants had procured tickets for a very, very low price, so we could attend. I really enjoyed being there. the evening was very warm and humid, but not too uncomfortable. Getting a chance to spend the evening with our Postulants made it all very worthwhile.

As I listen to the commentaries in the media on the occasion of the death of Senator Ted Kennedy, my thoughts go back to the "glory days" of the early sixties when John ran for president and won. I was a junior in high school (I think) when the country elected the first Catholic President. That joy and excitement was too soon followed by the tragic deaths of both John and Bobby. Younger brother Ted was left to carry on the legacy.

Whether Ted did that or not can be argued, but he certainly championed many causes for which many in this country can be eternally thankful. Many, including myself, do not agree with ever stand he took, but from the civil rights movement up to health care he fought and fought hard for those less advantaged than he. His legacy in the Federal Government will stand unchallenged for a long, long time.

Today as we celebrate the Feast of St. Augustine, a man who fathered an illegitimate child, I am reminded that the Lord works through human imperfections. God does not seek perfection, but love. St. Peter denied him, St. Paul concurred in the murder of St. Steven, Moses was a murderer, King David was a murderer and an adulterer, St. Francis did not have a stellar past, and the list goes on and on. Ted Kennedy's personal legacy may not match his political legacy, but the Lord certainly used his talents to do a lot of good for this country. We owe him our thanks and respect.

May he rest in peace.



Fr. Don,

Your words about Ted Kennedy ring true for each and evey one of us. I think Ted, Jr. got it right when he said his father believed in redemption.

If we really follow the Gospel, we have to believe in redemption - daily redemption and eternal redemption.

We may not always agree - we may even plainly see the injustice, wrong or sin. But we must believe that despite it all, redepmtion is what allows us to call God: "Abba."

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