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I am a Franciscan priest. I spent my early years of ministry in New Mexico working among the Pueblo Native Americans and the Hispanics. In 1978 I began my years in academics working as a chaplain, faculty member, and administrator at various universities in the southwest and the midwest. I taught various course in theology, especially in my area of specialty which is moral theology. I have been the Vocation Director for the Province of Saint John the Baptist since 2003.
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Weather in Atlanta and Concert in the Airport

Yesterday, Monday, March 16, I was trying to make my way back from Houston, TX where I visited a prospective for our community. (He treated me to a wonderful lunch at the restaurant where he works.) I got to Hobby Airport in plenty of time for my 3:35 pm flight which was marked on the signage as "on time." The flight just before it going to Atlanta was canceled and on before that was on a two to three hour delay. So, I got suspicious of the "on time" notification.

Simple story: bad weather in Atlanta messed up flights for hours. We left Houston at 5:30 instead of 3:35. Once I got there I found that my 9:30 pm flight was delayed and we finally left at 11:00. I got to CVG at 12:30 this morning; home at 1:30; and to bed at 2:00.

BUT, not all was misery. While sitting in the Houston airport I began to hear string music. I looked around and found that three young men, all cellists, had decided to play for us. The crowd loved it and it certainly made the time pass more pleasantly. I think someone said that they were in Houston for a recital, but I'm not sure.

As has happened so many times before, the inconvenience of delayed flights tends to get people talking and sharing stories. I always enjoy the people with whom I strike up a conversation on such occasions. People sharing a common situation tend to pull together.

HERE I AM LORD Vocation Conference

100-IMGA0003Brother Tim Lamb, O.F.M. (pictured on the left with Carmelite Sister Marie Therese) and I participated in the Here I Am Lord vocation conference in St. Charles IL on march 5-8. There were 55 Religious Communities represented with close to 100 Priests, Brothers and Sister in attendance.

I put together a little video of the experience which I uploaded on Youtube. That and other videos can be found at our channel franciscanvocations.

Fr. Jeff sends greetings

Fr. Jeff, our Provincial Minister, greets the participants of the Come and See weekend:

Daniel, Jamie, and Adam,

It was good to meet you druing the "Come and See" weekend.  I hope that it was helpful to you and your discernment!  I pray that God will bless your journey of faith and discipleship.  If the Lord leads you to spend your life with us, that will be a great gift to both you and us!  Thaks for your goodness and generosity.

Fr. Jeff

Adam, a participant in last weekend's "Come and See," comments

Adam sent two comments:

Fr. Don,

Peace be with you!!

The pictures came out great.
The Come and See Weekend is wonderful. I recommended it to anyone who is looking into a religious life.


The Come and See weekend was a wonderful experience and helped me grow stonger in faith and now I know that being a Franciscan is what i want to do with my life. All the friars at St. Anthony's are all WONDERFUL men and there is a very strong sense of brotherhood. God Bless you all. I encourage anyone who is thinking about religious life to go to a Come and See Weekend because it is a very eye-opening experience.

Another "Come and See" weekend

GroupOur province was blessed this weekend with three young men who came to Saint Anthony Friary, Cincinnati OH to participate in a Come and Seeweekend. They are (from left to right) Daniel Cornell, 28, from Cincinnati; Jamie Button, 20, of Cincinnati and presently a junior at Miami University, Oxford OH; and Adam Farkas, 20, of Richmond MI.

We are blessed with a steady flow of young men looking into the possibility of joining our fraternity. Thank God for them and for their generosity of spirit.