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I am a Franciscan priest. I spent my early years of ministry in New Mexico working among the Pueblo Native Americans and the Hispanics. In 1978 I began my years in academics working as a chaplain, faculty member, and administrator at various universities in the southwest and the midwest. I taught various course in theology, especially in my area of specialty which is moral theology. I have been the Vocation Director for the Province of Saint John the Baptist since 2003.
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Combined Birthday Celebration

We usually celebrate each friar's birthday on or very near the actual date of his birth. But this year, due to travels, etc., Bother Scott's and Fr. Dan's late December birthdays were postponed until this evening, January 31. Because my birthday was so close, January 29, the three of us celebrated together. While watching the news, it dawned on my that together we celebrated 182 years of life. Now I'm not going to reveal anyone's age, but we are all fairly close in age.

You do the math. :-)

Congratulations to new postulants

Michael writes:

Congratulations guys.

Dan's Aunt Becky sends congratulations and a note about Friar Snowman

Becky Bishop writes:

Father Don:
GIANT St. Francis Hospital in little-old-Litchfield, IL blessings and congratulations to (my nephew :) Dan and Clifford on their acceptance into your Postulancy program!!! Also - I just about coughed up a lung because I laughed so hard when I saw your Snow-Friar! (I had a moment of silence in his memory, as well.) I am going to share it with Father Ted (the Franciscan Priest here at St. Francis Hospital) He will love it!!!  Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing! God Bless! - Becky B.

Two accepted for Postulancy

Dan_helfrichThe Admission Board met Saturday, January 27, and admitted two men to theClifford_hennings_2  Postulancy program of our Province. They are Daniel Helfrich (left) and Clifford Hennings (right). They are the first members of the Postulancy Class of 2007. 

Dan, 31, comes to us from Sandusky, OH. He was born and reared in Litchfield, IL. He attended Eastern Illinois University for three semesters before entering the Navy where he was trained in avionics. Since his enlistment, he has been working in various places with his most recent location being Sandusky. Dan plays the guitar for his local parish and enjoys visiting the elderly in the local nursing homes.

Clifford, 21, lives at his family home in Richmond, TX and commutes to the University of St. Thomas in Houston where he is majoring in Theology. Born in Louisiana, Clifford and his family moved first to Tyler, TX and then to Richmond following his father's employment. He studied for one year at Louisiana State University before transferring to the University of St. Thomas. Clifford loves to write, especially poetry, and discuss theological/philosophical issues.

We welcome Clifford and Dan and look forward to the Admission Board meetings in March and May where other prospective members of the Class of 2007 will seek admission to our Postulancy Program.

Stan enjoyed "Friar Snowman"

Stan enjoyed the "Friar Snowman" posts. He writes:

Perhaps in true Franciscan spirit he sang for joy as he left... maybe he sang "Vidi Aquam?"

What great amusement and joy the snow brought! Thanks for sharing the story of your Snowfriar via the blog!

Demise of Friar Snowman

RipAfter six short days, Friar Snowman went to the great snowfield in thGravesitee sky--or wherever snowmen go. :-)

A few days of above freezing temperatures and some direct sun light was more than he could handle, so his short life came to an end when he sank into a pile of amorphous snow. But we enjoyed having him with us while he was able to survive.

"Ice and Snow Bless the Lord"

Crucifixion_scene_1 On many Sundays and all major Feast and SolemnitiesOffice_tree the Canticle of Daniel is prayed as a part of Morning Prayer. "Ice and snow bless the Lord" along with all the rest of creation becomes the prayer of the Church. It also certainly resonates with the spirit of Saint Francis who had such an appreciation of all of God's creation.

We here in Cincinnati continue to experience a winter wonderland. The property up here on the hill at Mt. Airy is quite picturesque with the new snow fall; turning thoughts and prayers to God for the beauty of the land.

Poor_friar_snowman_2 Of course, Friar Snowman continues to appreciate the cold weather--his existence depends on it. :-) Earlier in the week he was listing pretty badly, but with a little shove he stands erect again--although a little shorter than he was. (And somehow his face seems a little rearranged. :-( Poor guy.)

This weekend two men will be meeting with the Admission Board seeking approval to join the Postulant Class of 2007. Please remember them in your thoughts and prayers.

A VERY short comment from Michael

Michael writes:


Comment on Friar Snowman

Stan sees meaning in the snowman.

Would that be Brother Snow?  Ah, Francis would have loved it!  Richard's creation is without a doubt theologically sound and speaks - without words - of true Franciscan spirituality!  "Be praised my Lord with all created things" - especially Brother Snow who bring us such joy!

First snow of the season

Richard_at_workAfter an unseasonably warm winter, Cincinnati finally received itsRichard_and_friar_snowman_1 first significant  snowfall of the year. Postulant Richard Goodin took advantage of it to create Friar Snowman in our front yard. Friar_snowman

Some of the local community decided to have their picture taken with the newest member of our friary. (According to the weather forecast, Friar Snowman may not be with us very long.)