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I am a Franciscan priest. I spent my early years of ministry in New Mexico working among the Pueblo Native Americans and the Hispanics. In 1978 I began my years in academics working as a chaplain, faculty member, and administrator at various universities in the southwest and the midwest. I taught various course in theology, especially in my area of specialty which is moral theology. I have been the Vocation Director for the Province of Saint John the Baptist since 2003.
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Happy Thanksgiving

A Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving

Amid all of the food and travel and football and family and whatever else makes up this holiday weekend, I pray that our hearts will be truly filled with gratitude to God for the many blessings we share in this country. We are far from perfect and can do some fairly stupid things as individuals and as a group, but the Lord has shown us great mercy and has blessed us with many blessings--far beyond anything that we could have earned or deserve.

Last Saturday, one of our Postulants, Richard Goodin, and I participated in the Ohio Catholic Young Adult Conference here in Cincinnati. One of the events of the day was a question-and-answer session with Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk. In his opening comments, the Archbishop emphasized that being thankful is a Christian trait. The central mystery of our faith is Eucharist--Thanksgiving.

Maybe sometime this weekend each of us can take the time to prayerfully list the things for which we are thankful and give our gratitude and praise to God.

Happy eating and safe travel.


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