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We Got Some Sun and I got Some Pictures

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY to all back in the States. And HAPPY JUBILEE to all of the Friars celebrating a major anniversary of Profession or Ordination today.

Side_street_in_canterbury Yesterday, Sunday, we finally got a rain-free, but partly-sunny day and I managed to spend it out taking pictures and seeing some sights. After Eucharist I hopped a coach (bus) and went into Canterbury and walked the streets taking pictures and had lunch in a quaint old tavern. The price seemed reasonable for a noonday meal, until I realized that the Pound is worth twice what our US Dollar is worth. So, in effect, the meal cost me twice what I paid. Ouch!Royal_museum_and_free_library_distant

"Downtown" Canterbury is the old city which is within what was the city wall. There are many old buildings and very narrow streets. The scene on the left (remember you can click on the picture to get a full screen image) is a busy side street. On the right is the Royal Museum and Free Library. Here the old buildings are not torn down and replaced with new ones. Rather, the incoming business adapts to the shape and look of the building. So, you may see an old Tudor building with a Pizza Hut sign over the door; or a MacDonalds arch. There are more modern buildings on the outskirts, but even there you find old, maintained structures.

Park_in_whitstable Mid afternoon, Sr. Margaret, the Assistant Principal for the Centre, took me to Ancient_roman_castle_beyond_herne_bay the coast of the North Sea about thirty minutes north of Canterbury. At the left is a picture taken from a park along the shore in Whitstable where we stopped the "tea and cake." Because it was the first fairly warm and sunny day of May, everyone seemed to be out enjoying themselves. From Whitstable we drove on a short distance to Herne Bay. Here the shore line is long with beaches which were crowded with families. The picture at the right is a shot of the shore at Herne Bay. If you look closely in the distance you can see the ruins of a castle that dates back to Roman days. Yes, the sense of history here is way beyond that of the States!

I have many more pictures of the two outings, but I'll save some for the next few days.


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