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Things are different living in England

My American version of English is causing a few smiles as I try to communicate with the locals. I have become very aware of differing vocabularies as well as pronunciations. For instance, we would yield while merging into traffic, the British would give way. We might have to take a detour, they would take a diversion. We fix a clogged drain, they fix a clogged plug hole. I would say that it is starting to rain again (something I have said MANY times since arriving here), they would say it is starting to throw down again.

Mmj035661100001I have also noticed that many things are smaller. We Americans have bought into the idea of large sized everything--cars, appliances, etc. Washing machines here hold what we would consider a rather small load. Also, dryers are less frequently used, it seems. Yesterday my room turned into a "hanging garden" as I stretched a cord across the room to dry my laundry. I cannot remember the last time I hung up laundry to dry! I found it rather thought provoking as I realized just how automated we have become in the States.

I am likewise very aware of how young the USA is. There is a plaque hanging in the entrance to the Centre commemorating, in 1974, the 750th anniversary of the Franciscans arriving in England. That means that the Friars arrived here in 1224--while Saint Francis was still alive. Columbus didn't stumble into our continent until 1492. It makes one stop and realize what a young "up start" our country is in the history of the Western World.

Finally, I am finding it very insightful to listen to the national and world news. Hearing a report on what is happening in Washington, for example, from a foreign perspective sheds a whole new light on events back home.

I think that I have finally overcome my jet lag. I remember being told that it takes one day for every hour difference. That being the case, yesterday, Monday, was my fifth day here and I slept very well last night.


Chris Brady

Hello Fr. Don, The blog is great. I am glad you slept very well last night. It sounds like things are very different living in England. Hello to Richard Goodin and everyone else keeping up with Fr. Dons Blog.

Take care Fr. Don

Chris Brady Lebanon, KY

Chris Brady

Fr. Don,
The blog is great and I'm checking it daily.

Take care,

Chris Brady

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